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Car air-conditioning is now a common feature in the vast majority of new cars that are on the market. You may not realise however, that air-conditioning requires regular maintenance just like the rest of the vehicle.

How often does my car's air-conditioning need re-gassing?

The general rule is that your vehicle's air-conditioning needs re-gassing every two years. This is because it's estimated that your car loses between 10 - 15% of gas from the system every year and that is whether you have used it or not.

An air-con service is also a good time to get the system decontaminate. This is recommended because as aspects of the air-conditioning system are a breeding ground for bacteria, this in turn can lead to bad odours from the air-con system. This can potentially have an adverse effect on allergies.

How much does it cost to re-gas my car's air-conditioning?

Maintaining your vehicle's air-conditioning system is very reasonable:
Air-conditioning check - FREE
Air-conditioning Anti-bacterial clean - £20
Air-conditioning re-gas - From £49

Air conditioning FAQs

How long does it take to re-gas my car's air-conditioning system?

It usually takes around 45 minutes to complete a re-gas on your vehicle's air-conditioning system if we find no faults with it

Why isn't my air-conditioning working?

There's a list of reasons your car's air-con may not be working, but the most likely cause is that there is no gas in the system. This means it has been used up or leaked out or a mixture of both reasons.

Can I re-charge my air-conditioning at home by myself?

No - a mandatory qualification is required by anyone wishing to service the air-conditioning on a car, this is because of the potential hazards of the refrigerant, which needs disposing of safely and legally.

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