Tracking, Wheel Balancing and Wheel Alignment

What is Wheel Balancing?

This involves rebalancing and equalising the weight ratio of the wheel, it involves readjusting the weight of your vehicles wheels so that each wheel has an even weight distribution. Over time your wheels get imbalanced around the vehicle axle. This means they will wear unevenly and in turn lose their grip on the road.

Benefits of Wheel Balancing

A Smoother Drive

An unbalanced wheel won't work as efficiently as a balance wheel. This significantly diminishes the on-road comfort while driving. Wheel balancing re-establishes a smooth drive by rebalancing the weight of your vehicles wheels.

Saves Abrupt Wearing of Tyres

Even the slightest of difference distribution in the weight of a wheel can quickly disrupt the structure of a wheel. Wheels spin at a very fast speed and the heat generated from their movement can mean lasting damage. Therefore the process of wheel balancing can, extend the life vehicle tyres by adjusting the disproportionated weight ratio of the wheels.

Improved Road Safety

Wheels with uneven weight distribution can act as a catalyst for an accident. This minor abnormality causes the wheels to lose their performance gradually. They become near-unresponsive to the commands of the driver. So, wheel balancing is an effective measure in restoring the performance of the tyres and making them safe for driving again.

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